Our Secure Communications platform has integrated the best secure communications as a necessity and developed a secure architecture for Freedom.

The Government uses your cellphone (I-phone and Android) to track your every step - physically and literally. Your location, your daily movements, are all public information and collected on all cell phone users. All calls, texts and pictures, are property of the Government.

We have developed a robust and secure platform in the establishment of your freedom. Two Components that when used, provide the most secure and private communications. The first component is the GATE.

The GATE is what connects to the Internet and of Cellular data systems (GSM). The GATE is composed of the following components:

  • An Advanced Private Firewall to control network traffic making sure nothing comes in to disable your privacy.
  • State of the art, Virtual Private Network (VPN) that changes continually.
  • A Dynamic MAC address or the receiver ID that is always changing. This ensures your receiver id or hardware id is not trackable on any networks especially the GSM network.
  • DMX exist as to add redundancy on the GATE as in regards to the public facing IP. This is very important for privacy and makes a Gate behind the gate so you basically have two gates in one.
  • TORs Network ready, meaning a switch on the GATE allows you to change the VPN to the TORs network. The TORs network is slower and not typically good for voice, yet very secure for text and is the best private network.

The second aspect of our Secure Communications Device is the SECURE CELL PHONE.

  • Our secure Cell Phone only connects to the GSM or public cell network by using the GATE. Even though our device is extremely secure in itself, for maximin security and redundancy we use the GATE for the uplink.
  • Our SECURE CELL PHONE operates off the most secure operating system called Graphine. This operating system is made for security and privacy. Yet when you are trying to be private in the public networks its a lot of effort.

Communications are made to others on a peer to peer network all with encrypted data. All cellular service providers are contracted anonymously to include payments for service. If you paid for the cell service with your VISA your communications would not be private.

Public Cell Phone calls can be made and are recommended to be done by Voice Over IP phone clients. Truly secure communications with your regular contacts are done on the private peer to peer client. Meaning you have to get the people you talk with to connect in the peer to peer client first, then you can call regularly. If you make a public phone call straight out, its on a VOIP client. VOIP does not give up your physical location as the call is directed through a remote server and not the hand set you are holding using the GSM network.

Security is a journey, and everyday might not need to be at the highest levels. If you are transmitting a very private contract, you might flip over to the TORs network and send a file or text. After it’s completed then flip back to the regular VPN. If you are calling a restaurant to see if they have reservations, use the VIOP client. For your regular contacts get on the peer to peer app and talk freely as you would with a non secure phone.


We maintain all services and are not accepting subpoenas from any government agency. This is a big deal since all others will take a subpoena, and all security is lost when your provider gives you up by answering a subpoena. We are private and will never contract with any Government. You are truly secure with our secure device.